The Tommy Burns Story – with Michael Burns & Davie Carswell

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We were delighted to be joined in the studio recently by Michael Burns and Davie Carswell who are bringing The Tommy Burns Story to Celtic Park in November of this year.

As you can imagine this has very much been a labour of love for everyone involved in the project and it was a privilege to learn more of Tommy through the lens of his family via Michael.

Davie also provided some tales of his own admiration for Tommy as well as some background of the play and on how it first came to be.

As you’ll hear this is about so much more than Tommy Burns the footballer, and instead is centred on Tommy Burns the man, and the legacy he leaves behind.

It’s now been over 13 years since Tommy’s sad passing in May 2008 but his memory continues to burn as brightly as ever.

More information on the play, which runs at the Kerrydale Suite, Celtic Park from 9th– 13th November, can be found at

A percentage of proceeds from the play will be donated to Celtic FC Foundation

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