Mif & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere

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Mif & Paddy were in the hot-seat this week which has given us an absolute tap-in in terms of the title of this week’s show!

If only getting a new manager in was just as easy but that one continues to rumble on as we await any sort of concrete news on who’ll be taking the reins next season.

We did hear from the club via email this week (or at least some of us did) but that communication can be summarised somewhere along the lines of “Nothing to see here, as you were, we’re on the case though, Season Ticket renewals are on their way!”.

The fans are desperate for some good news and though the rumblings and rumours continue, its hard to get in any way optimistic about what lies in store next season until we hear something official.

In case you forgot (or have given up on it) we also have a couple of games to go of this season, but fret not as that will all be done and dusted in a matter of days! We’re on the home straight!


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