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Unless the whole thing’s just been a very, very elaborate hoax it now looks like Eddie Howe will be named as our new Head Coach in the coming days (or by 1st June at the absolute latest) and all just a short 13 weeks or so since Neil Lennon left the club!

With Bournemouth consigned to the EFL Championship for another season this seems to have signalled the go-ahead for Celtic to now also secure Howe’s preferred coaching team as he sets the wheels in motion for the sizeable rebuilding job that lies ahead.

Solid recruitment will be high up on the to-do list for the new man, with uncertainty in the air over what current players will be in place for the project, and on what calibre of talent he’ll be able to bring in.

The Euros await for David Turnbull and a number of his team-mates in the coming weeks and though the young midfielder will play a key role in the revolution it’s less obvious who will join him for the new season.

With fans also returning to stadiums (stadia?) around the UK we look back at the last game we each experienced at Celtic Park and Mif also gets all glassy eyed with his tales of Seville as we mark 18 years since that day back on 21st of May 2003.


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