Brother Walfrid: The Visionary Who Paved the Way For Celtic Football Club – with Dr Michael Connolly

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As Celtic supporters we’re all hugely familiar with the name Brother Walfrid, but how much do we actually know about the man himself?

In a new piece of work, Dr Michael Connolly has opened the door on one of the most important figures in the history of Celtic Football Club.

A man who without his vision, there may be no Celtic to speak of.

It’s an enlightening tale of the man who – like so many others of the time – made the journey from Ireland to Scotland in the mid-19th century in search of a better life.

Instead, Walfrid’s lifetime would be committed to improving the lives of others.

As the title of the book tells us, his life was one of “Faith, Community & Football” and is a story which deserves to be heard by the wider Celtic audience.

Enjoy this special episode with Dr Michael Connolly.

“Walfrid: A Life of Faith, Community & Football” is available now at:

Official Celtic Stores and at Thirsty Books

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