As One Door Closes | Drawing A Line Under The Season That Was

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It’s hard to tell if Saturday’s game against Hibs was some sort of final testimonial for Broony, such was the lack of notable action on display, however what we do know for sure is that we can now finally close the door on the riot of a season that was 2020/21.

In theory this should now open the door to the exciting possibilities of what next season may bring but we remain as much in the dark today as we were when Lenny left the building all those weeks ago.

Maybe this week will be the week though eh…! (But then again, maybe not).

They say all you get from looking back is a sore neck, but for this week’s episode, and for one last time, we take a look at where it all went wrong this season and what the main issues were for this group of players (*Spoiler Alert: We have no concrete answer to this question!).

Moving forward we’ll strive to keep it positive (we promise!) as we await news on what the next version of Celtic will look like.

We also cover some of the key dates that await Celtic in terms of European and League fixtures for 2021/22 as they players now break up until mid-June. Which ones will be returning under the new regime though is anyone’s guess.


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